5. The Explosion at the Bunovo Train Station


Since the beginning of 1984 the Republic of Bulgaria is swept over with acts of terrorism – bombs are detonated on train stations, airports and other public places. Many get killed. The peak is on the 9th of March, 1985. A carriage on the train Bourgas-Sofia is blown up. The result: seven people are killed and nine – injured.

Since the beginning of the acts National Security – the Bulgarian counterpart of the soviet KGB – concludes that the bombers originate from the Turkish minority. During  the period 1983 – 1984 the names of the Muslims are forcibly changed to Christian by the communist regime of Todor Zhivkov. The terrorists however, are excellent conspirators. Thousands of detectives and agents are after them for over three years until the three conspirators with Turkish origins are caught and put to execution.

With the end of Zhivkov’s regime in 1989, the names of the Muslims are converted back. They establish their own party ‘Movement for Rights and Freedom’ which plays a significant political role in the Democratic Bulgaria.

In the beginning of the 21st century major disputes burst out when followers of the movement attempt to erect a statue of the three terrorists.