4. The Robbery at Arabakonak


On the 4th of October 1872 in the mountain pass Arabakonak in Stara Planina a convoy, carrying the collected taxes to Sofia is robbed. The amount is 1250 turkish liras or about 10 000 U.S. dollars. The assailants are wearing Turkish uniforms. Yet, the investigation uncovers that they are Bulgarians, members of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Committee. An organization established in the capital of Romania – Bucharest with the aim of freeing the Bulgarian people from Turkish domination. The money were necessary for the purchase of weapons for an upspring.

The head of the robbery is Dimitar Obshti – a former participant in the campaigns of Garibaldi and a head of the organization Vasil Levski. In order to show that this is no crime, Obshti gives away the whole structure of the organization. As a result Levski, who to this day is considered the greatest national hero, is caught and hanged.